Church Planting Podcast with Ray Chang

60405Last month, our director, Ray Chang, spoke on a podcast called Hardcore Church Planting, with Pete Mitchell and Peyton Jones.  He shared about how he came to faith in God, his journey into church planting, and his vision for Regenerant, and the status of our current beginning cohort.  Listen in if you would like to hear the story behind Regenerant.

Ray brings his refreshingly honest perspective, where he expresses that church planting and expansion of the Kingdom are really God’s work in the end, and that we are merely following what we believe is His call for us for the time being, until the Spirit leads us in a new direction.  In that process, we may not always know all the answers, but that uncertainty is okay to live in as we follow in faith.  Thanks for patiently joining us as we are eager to see what God has in store for Regenerant, and for each Regenerant staff and cohort member in their own personal journeys.

To hear Ray’s podcast, listen here:  HCP #12 Podcast with Ray Chang