Los Angeles Project

The LA Project

Project Objectives

This project will address the following areas in leadership development and church planting:

Understanding one’s life journey and how the Lord has molded and shaped the individual Discerning the individual leader’s strengths and weaknesses
Acquiring the skills to be an effective church planter and how to effectively launch a church plant

Maximizing ethnic-specific qualities in leadership
Developing spiritually as ethnic minority leaders
Understand the biblical foundations of church planting: The planter will have clarity on the biblical imperative of planting churches, the biblical description of a local church, and the biblical values and convictions that shape church ministry. Without biblical certainty in these areas the planter will lack courage to face the task.
Learn to exegete the community.
Understand Leadership: The leader needs to be able to cast a compelling vision that enlists followers as well as emerging elders. The lead pastor must first be tested as a leader. Develop the following Concrete Skills:

o How to exegete a culture

o How to cultivate and cast vision

o How to prospect and gather people to a cause

o How to identify, enlist, develop, and deploy a missional core

o How to communicate effectively in a variety of contexts, e.g., 1-1, small group, large


o How to develop and implement a contextual model of church o How to evangelize a community

o How to develop and implement an assimilation strategy

o How to raise funds

Project Components

This project will be a 12-month program that is based on the following components:

1.Create a relational peer network of pastors

2.One-on-one coaching and mentoring with an experienced pastor. This leader is skilled in 
coaching, asking questions, and identifying the qualities and characteristics needed in an 
effective church planter.

3.Attend a 4-day church planting event with Tim Keller in February 2015 that will help equip 
them on their journey. During this time they will be able to hear from and interact with Tim and be in a cohort with 12 other Asian American church planters to learn and dialogue with each other. They will also be trained by experts and experienced leaders as they begin their church planting journey.

4.Prepare a profile of each person’s strengths, weaknesses, skills, and giftings

5.Meet and learn from other pastors and church planters

6.Equip them with books and resources

Pastoral Leadership

This project will be led by Ray Chang, President of Ambassador Network. The project manager will be DJ Chuang coordinating project details and communication.
The coaches will be Jefferson Lee, Development of Wycliff, Dr. Peter Lim, Faculty at Logos Seminary, Brian Chan (Re-Create Church Planter), Wilson Wang (Renew Church), Dave Jung (Commission Church), Paul Kim (Renew Church).

Project Details

What is a Residency Training?

A residency in medicine is a period of specialized training in clinical medicine or surgery in a hospital that hones the skills of the physician through practice, instruction and “master classes.” Our residency is a one year learning community of the same type, assisting a church planter with a learning contract that hones the skills, character and knowledge of the planter, coaching him to a successful church plant that eventually matures into a part of the Network whose mission is to take the life transforming reality of Jesus to all of Greater Los Angeles Area.

The training will be focused on three areas: Assessment, Training and Support Systems.

The assessment will be using a combination of three assessments:

1.Behavior Interview (Past Experience is the Best Indicator for Future Behavior) – 3 Hours

2.Church Planter Profile (www.churchplanterprofile.com)

3.Combination of StrengthsFinder, Myers Briggs, etc.

Performance expectations for the Residency
Create and fulfill the learning contract established between resident and the church planting center director
Exegete the targeted culture with a compelling analysis of demographics/psychographics Establish a prayer base
Enlist, envision, and engage a missional core of at least 10 families/households
Develop the key ministry systems for launch
Develop a clear Ministry Action Plan with a granular execution detail, to include a 120-day assimilation plan post-launch
Develop a First 120-Day Budget and First Year Outlook Budget
Raise funds to underwrite your first year’s budget
Identify 200 qualified prospects
Identify 50 potential church members
Identify, develop and select a minimum of two elders
Network in the community

Success Metrics

The success of this 12-month program will be measured through the following metrics:
Church planter is able to competently implement performance expectations after the 12- month training
Church planter has a healthy running church two years after being launched. Healthy is defined as a consistent number of people who are weekly attending the church location. The church also has a core group of volunteers and elders working alongside the pastor. The health of the church is also determined by the spiritual growth of the members and the outreach and evangelism taking place in the community.

Church is engaged and addressing the needs of the community in which they reside Church planter continues to embody the character traits that caused them to be selected

After the fifteen-month training program, the church planter and the church will be supported by elders and a pastor from a couple of local established churches who will act as a resource and support to the new church plant. They will be there to provide guidance and support to the pastor and church where needed. Thus, the church planter will not be functioning by himself after the church launch, but will be supported by a network of churches to ensure success. This will continue for the first five years of the church’s establishment.

Project Budget and Schedule

The budget for this project is approximately $40,000 for 12 students for 12 months. There will be recruitment phase from April 2014 to October 2014. After the prescreening process, there will be a formal assessment in November.

The anticipated launch date to each cohort will be January 2015 and an end date of March 2015, a month after the end date at the Los Angeles church planting event with Tim Keller.

Provided will be a detailed report on each individual, details on the individual’s training and mentoring, and the results from this project.

If this is a project you are interested in please make checks payable to re:source global. They will be the fiscal agent for this project.

Detailed Budget:

– Church Planting Event: $5,500
– Speakers (Including Travel and Honorarium): $7,000
Individual Mentoring/Coaching: $15,000
– Strength and Weaknesses Leadership Individual Profiles and Assessments: $2,500
– Resources to help in the launch of a church: $10,000

TOTAL: $40,000