Why Church Plant?

Here’s a link to an article that initiates discussion on the need for church planting and multiplication.  Be sure to read the comment thread below the article as well for counterpoints.


12ReproducingChurches_400_495600557Seems to be that churches must be on some powerful birth control. They are not reproducing. And I don’t get why.

It’s natural. It’s normal. It’s essential. And we all know how to do it. But somewhere along the way, church reproduction and multiplication became unusual or strange in North America. And I am not happy about it.

The church is the most powerful institution in the world. Where no electricity and running water exist, you will still find a church that is planting churches. When governments grow corrupt and economies crash, the church still stands and plants more churches. Nothing in the world and nothing in the last two millennia of history can compare to the church. It advances best by exponential and explosive multiplying. But not here.

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